Reopening Plan Feedback

Please use this link to provide additional feedback: Reopening Plan Feedback Form

"I strongly support social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC and PSA, as well as the requirement of face masks while indoors (in the classroom), providing hand sanitizing and disinfectant sprays for the classrooms for re-opening fall 21-22. I am in full support of returning to in-person learning. "

"Our family received tremendous support from the teachers and PSA staff. We felt safe sending our kids back in-person. There was a clear plan in place and we saw the effort the school made. "

"I understand this time is difficult to make a decision whether or not to reopen at full capacity or not, but as a working parent it has been really helpful that PSA decided to open hybrid for our PSA students last Spring. If we were to go back into distance learning, I would say that the workload needs to be a little less. Also, I would feel better if the students were doing live sessions with their teachers so students do not fall behind. If the school decided to go back in to full capacity, I am all for it because my students need the in person learning. "

"I think the school reopening plan is very thorough. I noticed that most of the safety procedures, teaching & grading details, and schedule remain similar to the first plan. It's okay to keep safety measure in place because we are not in the clear yet with covid-19. I also like the decision tree; this updated one is much easier to understand compared to the first one. I think Prairie Seeds is doing the best that they can to make sure things are safe and that they are following all of the rules that they should be. I think the school really cares about students and families. Last year was hard for me and my kids to do distance learning but I understand this is an issue everyone is facing and I appreciate that PSA had asked us about what we wanted and then they offered multiple learning models to meet everyone's needs. "

"I feel that social distancing protocols should still be implemented especially with more people in the building, however the requirement of face masks can be more relaxed (optional). I feel that the school did a great job with its covid safety plan. I would still like to see weekly deep cleaning/sanitizing done for the building."