Policies & MN Statutes

Prairie School Academy complies with the MN State Statutes. Its compliance is overseen by the Audubon Society of Minnesota.

Below are the Minnesota laws and rules by which PSA abides: 

PSA also complies with other specific State and Federal Laws. These Policies conform to the ED-00199-07 Assurance of Compliance with the State and Federal Law Prohibiting Discrimination, and assurances to prevent hazing, harassment and violence. The PSA Policies are available below for reading or downloading. Specific Policies adopted by the PSA Board of Directors are as follows: 

All plans, policies, grievance procedures, Title XI Grievance Procedures, the Inclusion Education Plan, and other policies are available to the public for viewing or copying. All plans are available to the public and are kept at:

6200 West Broadway Ave N

Brooklyn Park, MN 55428