Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Prairie Seeds Academy community members are inspired global thinkers, who will understand the importance of inquiry, lifelong learning, intercultural awareness, respect, and adaptability as they become future leaders.

Our Mission

Prairie Seeds Academy, in cooperation with families and the community, provides leadership in rigorous education to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring citizens who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.


All students are required to meet the following expectations at Prairie Seeds Academy:

  • Strive to do your best
  • Be responsible for your own behavior
  • Treat others with dignity, worth and respect and cooperate with others
  • Respect the rights and property of others
  • Get help with issues of concern instead of striking out at others
  • Have a strong personal commitment to the learning community
  • Be safe.

Prairie Seeds Academy believes that the success of each student is the responsibility of all students, staff, and parent/families. To be successful in our supportive but challenging academic program, there are basic expectations that all students and staff must meet. It is the staff’s responsibility to resolve issues with or without the input of parents. Staff strives to understand the issues and stresses that may be present in the lives of our students and work to provide positive survival skills through their teaching and modeling.

You (students, staff, parent/families, community members) are each responsible for your own behavior.

PSA’s community expects the following from our students:

  • Students will strive to do their best in all school activities. Students will work to reach their goals set by their parents, teachers, advisers and themselves. By learning to put forth maximum effort to meet these goals, and the social, academic, and physical challenges that school success requires, each student will be prepared to continue a life-long quest of developing his or her full potential. Students are expected to arrive on time bringing a positive “can-do” attitude. This attitude includes being organized, anticipating and accepting consequences, and participating actively throughout the school day.
  • Treat other with dignity, worth and respect and cooperate with others. Students are expected to engage with staff and peers to help create a positive learning environment. Students are expected to develop their ability to work cooperatively by actively participating in a variety of classes and activities. Students must understand that they signficantly impact and contribute to the lives of their schoolmates. Meeting this expectation will enable students to participate in increasingly creative and challenging learning activities.
  • Prairie Seeds Academy recognizes that there are numerous issues and concerns in the lives of our students. Students may often seek help from an adult with their issues and concerns and learn to resolve them in a positive manner. PSA staff, teachers, counselors, and affiliated professionals are ready to assist. Positive resolution may include becoming a member of a grief and loss group, a Second Step or Crossing Bridges lesson, and/or anger management group. We bring resources to each student so that the student will ultimately bring resources towards a peaceful world.