Campus Portal

Acceptable Use Policy

Campus Portal will provide parents/guardians access to their child’s grades and attendance for the purpose of providing educational support to their children. Parents/Guardians are expected to adhere to the following Campus Portal Acceptable Use Policies:

  1. Usernames and passwords are to be kept confidential.
    1. Parents/Guardians are responsible for keeping their username and password confidential. Prairie Seeds Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen passwords, and accepts no responsibility in the event of unauthorized access to a campus portal account.
    2. If a username or password is lost or stolen, a parent/guardian can contact a PSA counselor to reset the password.
    3. It is NOT recommended to allow your browser to save your username or password.

2. Use of Campus Portal and communication through the Campus Portal are subject to State and Federal Law.

    1. Parents/guardians should remember that communications over the Internet are not guaranteed to be private. The use of the Portal is subject to electronic monitoring by the district, as well as other specific rights the district maintains.
    2. Parents/guardians are forbidden to use Campus Portal to conduct any illegal activity, including violation of Data Privacy Laws. Anyone found to be violating laws will be subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

3. Prairie Seeds Academy agrees to provide free and accurate information meeting the agreed-upon standards based on parents’ compliance with security requirements.

    1. Information accuracy as a shared responsibility among schools, parents/guardians and students. Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing school staff with up-to-date contact information.
    2. Parents/Guardians must understand that grades displayed on Campus Portal are not an official Report Card or Student Transcript.
      • Attendance data becomes visible immediately after being inputted by the teacher but is subject to change.
      • Teachers will make a reasonable effort to update grades at least once every two weeks.
    3. Prairie Seeds Academy maintains the right to add, modify or delete information and Campus Portal functions at any time.

As a parent/guardian I have read this policy and understand that access is designed for the educational support of my child. I understand that if I violate any condition under the Acceptable Use Policy, Prairie Seeds Academy reserves the right to deny my access or revoke privileges to Campus Portal at any time. By clicking “Agree” I am electronically signing this Acceptable Use Policy Agreement.