If you are looking for a robust public Charter School that provides college preparatory training, a compassionate global community of students; a family weaving together the traditions and celebrations of their many heritages and cultures; competitive soccer; basketball; track and field; volleyball; wide-ranging community service programs; and a great atmosphere for learning, then Prairie Seeds Academy is for you! Drawing students from the entire Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, we are molding future generations.

Whether they are engaging in one of our academic programs, honors programs, college classes in school, or PSEO classes at local colleges, students discover their true passions and interests. Through the National Honor Society and a host of other activities, our students discover a love of learning; their place in society; their purpose in the world; their need for community engagement, and their own deep personal gratification.

We strive to sustain our zero tolerance in bullying, and harassment at PSA. We seed feelings of safety and acceptance for all. We hold tremendous respect and appreciation across the board for the talent, work, and efforts of each person in our community. We carefully nurture our students from kindergarten through high school and marvel as they become ready for the challenges that they will be facing as peacemakers, educators, and business leaders in our 21st century global community.

We invite you to learn more about us.

Open Enrollment

Accepting K-12 applications  for the 2024-2025 school year. 

2024-2025 Prairie Seeds Academy Application