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Title III - English Language Learner
The Title III Program
The EL Program includes specific English language instruction designed for each level of English Proficiency. The levels include: Level 1-Entering, Level 2-Emerging, Level 3-Developing, Level 4-Expanding, and Level 5-Bridging. Your child will have appropriate, leveled English instruction in: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. This program is designed following the WIDA English Language Development Standards.

The EL Program has been designed to support a child’s English Language development to assure academic success. It includes a collaborative co-teaching model where the mainstream teacher and the ESL teacher work together to deliver high quality English Language instruction in all content areas. It also includes small group instruction and one on one tutoring. Each English Learner will have one or more of this type of support at Prairie Seeds Academy.
When a student has reached Level-5 Bridging, he/she becomes a candidate for reclassification (exiting the EL Program). The criteria for exiting the EL Program include multiple measures of academic success including successful scores on: MCAII, NWEA, and ACCESS. If the student has met this criterion, the Exit Team (the EL teacher, the mainstream teacher, the parent, and the Principal) review the data and determine whether the student has acquired enough English Proficiency to continue having academic success in the mainstream without continued EL support.
What Does it Mean if Parents Choose to Withdraw from the Program?
Parents may withdraw a child from receiving EL services. To do this, we recommend that parents meet with the child’s EL teacher to discuss the consequences of ending EL services. If parents determine it is in the child’s best interest to not receive EL services, simply write a letter stating the request. Parents will then receive a letter honoring and confirming their decision. Please know that the PSA child will continue to be identified as an English Learner. He/she will still be required by the State of Minnesota to take the ACCESS test, a state mandated English development test and any other English development tests administered at PSA.