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IB MYP Classes
The Middle Year Programme is designed for students aged 11 to 16 (grades 6-10). It provides a framework of learning which encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. The MYP emphasizes intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and to the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement, qualities that are essential for life in the 21st century.

IB provides a well-balanced education and numerous learning opportunities for students. Each year students in the Middle Years Programme (grades 6-10) take classes in 8 subject areas, providing them with a well-rounded education.

Art – Performing and Visual
Learning through the arts helps us to explore, shape and communicate our sense of identity and un-derstanding of the world, while providing opportunities to develop self-confidence, resilience, and adaptability. In the MYP, students are guided to create, perform and present art in ways that engage and convey their own feelings, experiences and ideas.

MYP Humanities encourages learners to respect and understand the world around them. Humanities involves inquiring into historical, contemporary, geographical, political, social, economic, religious, technological and cultural contexts that influence and have an impact on individuals, societies and environments.

Language A – English
MYP language A is academically rigorous, and equips students with linguistic, analytical and communicative skills. There are six skill areas: listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting. Students develop these skills through the study of both language and literature, providing a creative process that “encourages the development of imagination and creativity through self-expression."

Language B — English Learning, Hmong, or Spanish
The ability to communicate in a variety of modes in more than one language is essential to the con-cept of an international education that promotes intercultural understanding. Language is integral to exploring and sustaining personal development and cultural identity. Learning a language B in the MYP equips students with the necessary multiliteracy skills and attitudes to be interculturally compe-tent, enabling them to communicate successfully in the global contexts of the 21st century.

Mathematics plays an essential role both within the school and in society. It promotes a powerful universal language, analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills that contribute to the develop-ment of logical, abstract and critical thinking. Moreover, understanding and being able to use mathe-matics with confidence is not only an advantage in school but also a skill for problem-solving and de-cision-making in everyday life.

Physical Education
Physical education in the MYP is concerned with more than just participating in sports and games. Its primary aims are to encourage the development of ‘intelligent performers’ and to encourage stu-dents to understand the importance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Throughout the five years of the MYP, students should develop knowledge, critical thinking and reflection skills, and a sense of re-sponsibility, as well as interpersonal and self-motivational skills. This in turn should encourage choices that will contribute to long-term healthy living.

Science and its methods of investigation offer a way of learning that contributes to the development of an analytical and critical way of thinking. Inquiry is at the heart of MYP sciences and aims to sup-port students’ understanding of sciences by providing them with opportunities to independently in-vestigate relevant issues through both research and experimentation.” Students learn “critical-thinking skills to analyze and evaluate information in order to make informed judgments in a variety of contexts” and to “explore the connections between science and everyday life.”

MYP technology aims to provide the means and the context to help students become skillful prob-lem solvers, who can appreciate the role of technology in everyday life and society and who can re-spond critically and resourcefully to real-life challenges.