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Hmong New Year FAQ
Can parents take students home before dismissal?
Yes, parents can take students home after the program and after lunch but they MUST sign-out their child from the teacher's classroom. If you sign out your child from the classroom but they still are in PSA for the secondary program, you are responsible for supervising your child.
How does lunch work?
Classes will still line up and filter through the lunch line like they do every day and students will punch in numbers like usual. Parents will line up with their child and can eat with them with the class.
Can students come to school already dressed in Hmong clothes/other ethnic clothing?
Yes this is okay if some parents prefer to do this. Students should all still have appropriate outer winter gear to protect them from the elements when coming to school. Parents can always pack the clothing with the student to bring to school and staff can help them to put those on.
Are parents allowed to join classes or pull students to help get them dressed?
Yes, parents are able to do this but you must communicate with the teacher.
Will there be help for getting cultural clothes on students?
Yes, support staff and specialist teachers will be able to help.
Can students sit with their parents during the show?
We recommend that students stay together as a class to be ready to perform together on queue.